Elm Hurst Inn Surprise Proposal | Megan + Laura

Megan and Laura’s surprise proposal at the Elm Hurst Inn and Spa in Ingersoll, Ontario was one for the books. I have worked with these two beautiful ladies for a few years now, celebrating a different season of their love each year. When Laura called me to ask me to be a part of this special day, I was elated. She told me that Megan’s one wish would be to have me capture this milestone for them. And turns out, this day could not have been more perfect. Freezing my butt off and shaking with excitement and nerves, I hid in the tree line waiting for Megan and Laura to stroll through. To make it easy for Laura and I, I trudged through the deep snow and traced a big circle right where I wanted her to stop. What followed was simply perfect. Megan was so in the moment, she didn’t even notice me in my big black coat scrambling to the scene to capture such a special moment for them. Following the proposal, we walked around the beautiful property, documenting their love and sharing a bottle of bubbly. This was obviously pre-Covid. Oh how different the times are now! To end the night, my boyfriend and I joined in for a delicious dinner at the Inn and a round of whiskey shots. I’m looking so forward to capturing their wedding day in 2022!



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